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Kigali Province 
It was in 1906 that the history of Kigali started, when Dr. Richard Kandt the first imperial resident governor for Rwanda selected Nyarugenge hill as the site of the capital, due to its central location in the country. Until now, Kigali is still the capital city of Rwanda and its commercial hub. Kigali, a city that is located almost in the center of Rwanda 
Western Province 
The Western Province which borders the Western province in the west and the Northern Province in the north, is mainly composed of the large parts of the former provinces of Gisenyi, Cyangugu and Kibuye. Meanwhile, it still shares its Western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.Some parts of the province are located in a region, which is covered by a chain of mountains with so many rivers snaking between them. 
Culture and Tourism 
There are a number of features in the Western province that make is a site for tourists. Among these,We can mention the following:  
The Kivu lake, Ngungwe National Park,Nyamyumba hot springs, volcanoes, the Gishwati forest, folklore and Intercontinental. There are other attractions too,are the beaches of Lake Kivu, King Rwabugiri’s retreat places, Urutare rwa Ndaba, and King Ruganzu’s bed.There are other attractions too, though they have not been exploited to the full: there are Caves( Ubuvumo) in Rubavu district;...... 
Eastern Province 
The Eastern province is made up of the former provinces of Kigali Ngali, Umutara and Kibungo. 
It is believed to border Uganda in the north and the United Republic of Tanzania in the East, the province still shares its western border with the northern province and Kigali city, Burundi is bordered in the South, whereas there is the Southern province on the province’s South-western border. 
With the redistricting arrangements, which were carried o recently, the eastern province therefore got Theoneste Mutsindashyaka heading. It is the Provincial Governor, while the Provincial Executive Secretary-Gasana Charles is his assistant.Culture and Tourism 
One of the potential tourist attractions in the eastern Province is the Igishakamba cultural dance, which is believed to bring out clearly the beauty of long-horned Ankore cows as well as the general way of life of the semi-pastoral inhabitants. 
Just along the farms and near the road, one who is traveling north to Uganda is very able to spot the repeating scenes of so beautiful, white horned cattle feeding themselves. 
The most famous tourist attraction in this province are the wild animals, which stay in the Akagera National Park- a home to different large animals, for example, Giraffes, Hippopotamus, Lions, Antelopes, Bufalloes and so many others. There is the Akagera River as well, which passes through this province, feeding into the Nile River, not forgetting the falls that separate Rwanda and the United Republic of Tanzania and that is the Rusume falls. 


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